Soft pad.
Nearly every ABA model has a padded layer between the lining and the upper. Besides being a useful protection against bumps, the pad holds the warmth and provides the foot with the same comfort of a blanket wrapped around it.

Close and fine stitches.
Each part of the shoe is carefully sewed to the other parts.  The thread we deploy is thin and precisely sewed with close stitches. This allows the baby shoe not to come apart in spite of bumps and traction. The sewing appears as a refined embroidery, it never clashes with the baby shoe, but it perfectly fits its style.

Comfortable design.
ABA shoes wrap up the foot without restraining it, they protect it without smothering it, they follow its movements and allow it healthy growth. On the outside they show all their grace and beauty.

A baby foot is not merely a small foot, it doesn’t have the strength of adult feet, it is more flexible and it tends to bend: A toddler does not walk yet he twists his little foot using it to move around and a good baby shoe should not restrain such movements.

What a baby foot needs is freedom of movement along with a comfortable and soft protection from cold weather, bumps.

Our job is to create the best answer to these needs and the best answer is high quality of both materials and manufacturing.

Soft and healthy materials.
All the materials we use have a certified composition. For the lining of our baby shoes we only select the softest kinds of leather and textile and hypoallergenic eco-fur. The same goes for the upper, where we only soft to touch materials which are resistant and moulding and can follow the foot’s bends.