Following the most prestigious Made in Italy style. Each ABA collection presents a continuity with the past while being dazzled by the future. Our baby shoes for ceremonies, baptisms and weddings are clear, gracious and shiny. We select the best satin in order to create simple models or models which are enriched with refined laces and precious details.  The classic shoes (sporty, elegant, moon-boot, sandals and ballerina shoes) are items which will never go out of style.; the materials are renewed every season and there is a great choice of colours.  Our luxury shoes, finally, are the most valuable items as they are embellished by a complex manufacturing and by precious accessories.

They bring together experimentation and professionalism.

Strictly handmade. Material binding, cutting, sewing and embroidering, padding and strengthening, accessory application, brand hot printing, finishing touches, ironing, final treatments, up to wrapping and final packaging.

ABA has been cooperating with the most renowned brands of Italian fashion since 1990.

The excellence of Made in Italy.
ABA trademark is one of the most prestigious guarantees of Italian style in a field as unique and refined as that of children’s shoes. 

Our baby shoes express all the experience and crafty passion which have always been inspiring ABA’s founders: Mr and Mrs Fiorani.
Our shoes witness how just going back to ancient professionalism, along with a stubborn pursuit of perfection, allow ABA to create a one and only product, a little work of art, an ABA baby shoe.

Our skilled craftmen and our clever collaborators along with the designs of great stylists are all shaped so that they can welcome with grace and style the delicate feet of new-born babies, giving birth to successful collections.